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Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - 10:37 PM by: Deve Category: Work

Finally, today I got out of the office early! 6.15 pm!

Wait… today is Saturday…


Quick update

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - 10:35 PM by: Deve Category: Travels and Holidays

A quick update from Chicago’s surroundings! Before leaving I couldn’t write a decent post because Netsons’ databases had melted… luckily they managed to solve the problem and I made them upload the backup from the day before the problem, so everything’s fine.

Well. Chicago. We stayed there a day and a half, as soon as we landed, and it’s really a beautiful city; this weekend we’ll go back there and finish the tour.

St. Charles. The Q Center is an amazing structure, a really awesome place. The course is quite demanding, very interactive and also quite useful.

Random thoughts and words: limousine, fried, networking, unhandleable, best people…

Ready for Peru?

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - 10:34 PM by: Deve Category: Travels and Holidays

Core Analyst School is over, a great experience but I’ll talk about that in September. Two weeks really flied by, and now two more await me, this time in Peru…

Better go now, I still haven’t packed my bag!

One word: fascinating

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - 10:33 PM by: Deve Category: Essence of Peru 2008

Machu PicchuUPDATE: after a couple of years I’ve finally finished uploading the pictures on Flickr… I edited the post so it now links to the final Collection, and deleted the old preview Set…

I think “fascinating” is the best word to describe my trip in Peru… from the amazon forest to the splendid Cusco, from the Inca ruins to lamas and alpacas, from the Titicaca to the immortal Machu Picchu…

Furthermore, GAP Adventures organization was great, everything went fine, the group was a bit atypical if compared to what I was expecting but it was great, the hotels were very good 3-stars in good locations and there was a good number of optional activities… thumbs up!

And actually before Peru there was also a beautiful experience in Chicago… but time runs short, today was my first day back to work and I already worked 3 hours of overtime… be patient, I’ll do my best to finish the posts about last year (the Grand Canadian diary is still on hold… :( ) and to get to this year.

TiticacaMeanwhile I uploaded a bunch of images on Flickr (around 160 of the 1200+ I shot in Peru); the set is here.

And I’ll leave you with a list of my “first times” during this peruvian holiday…

- First time in South America
- First time south of the Equator
- First time I saw the Southern Cross in the sky
- First time I did bungee jumping
- First time I did paragliding
- First time I ate a guinea pig
- First time in the amazon rainforest, without electricity
- First time they lost my bag at the airport
- First time above 4000 metres
- First time I drank coca tea

… and maybe something else, but it’s ok for now…

Back to work…

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - 10:31 PM by: Deve Category: Work

Actually when I came back I found my usual place, but that was the feeling… :asd:

Chrome on the web

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - 10:30 PM by: Deve Category: Computers and co.


Google ChromeAs a good nerd, I couldn’t avoid taking a look at Google’s new browser, the by now famous Chrome.
After finding, by chance, the news of it’s announcement by comic I got curious; here you can find the comic itself, which is really well crafted. The various opinions and explanations undoubtedly point out a very careful vision of the current features of the Web, but I wasn’t expecting anything less from Google.

Testing it on the field, Chrome responds very well. I didn’t surf around more than half an hour, but the speed (both in loading the program and loading the pages) is excellent, easily faster than Firefox 3. Of course, Chrome has the advantage of being very “feature light”, but at the moment it’s second to none in raw speed.
The interface is absolutely minimal, but you don’t really feel like anything important is missing; sure, some Firefox extensions you’re used too won’t be there, but I’m quite confident that, given time, considering the fact that the project is 100% open source, similar plugins will be programmed for Chrome, too.

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When the stage doesn’t hold up…

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - 10:29 PM by: Deve Category: Generic ravings

VimeoShortly after the blog’s restyling, as I was going through some of the old posts, I was shocked to discover that the great Stage6 service had been brutally terminated!
If you don’t remember it, it was “DivX’s YouTube”, whose main features were the support of videos of any size, duration and resolution (including HD). And indeed I was very happy to upload there the video of my thesis discussion; and now puff, they closed up without notice due to high costs.

So I spent a few hours looking for good alternatives, ’cause sure, YouTube is always there, but the 320×240 resolution and 10 minutes duration are really not the best for all videos…
After a few clicks I think I finally found a solution: so here’s Vimeo. No problems with duration and resolution, but there’s a weekly 500 MB upload limit (which also sets the maximum video size), which after all is very acceptable.
Sure, a very valid alternative was also Veoh, and I might use that in the future, but for the moment what stopped me is the fact that videos longer than 20 minutes must be seen with their specific software you have to download. It’s true videos longer than 20 minutes are quite rare, but this is a constraint which isn’t very nice for sharing.

Well, so if you go and check the post of my discussion, here, you’ll find it updated with the new video.
And very soon I’ll link another very funny video (it’s actually online already, but I’ll use it tomorrow to increase the blog’s post count :asd: )

And I hope it lasts this time…

Hanging from a rubber band

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - 10:25 PM by: Deve Category: Essence of Peru 2008

Well, here’s the very funny video I talked about in the previous post… Bungee Jumping!!!
I had never done it before, and as a start I ended up in the tallest one in America (122 metres), in Poroy’s Action Valley, near Cusco.

After a short trip by taxi to get to the place, I found myself in a valley, in the middle of which a cable-held elevator was waiting… and that’s where I’d jump from…
I signed a piece of paper which basically stated that if I died it was my fault, I paid for the DVD (30 well spent soles), they put the security harness on me, weighed me to choose the right rope, tied it very tight to my ankles and on I went, on the elevator… the climb seems eternal, and the guy kept shooting the video and telling me “come on, say something for your family” :hmm: … right…

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Work dignifies man

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - 10:24 PM by: Deve Category: Work

Or so they say.
Well, anyway my silence during the last week is caused, as usual, by work and tiredness…
Two weeks ago I’ve been all week long in Turin, and tomorrow I’ll go there again, this time for the third simulation of Banca IMI’s migration, which will be held in the weekend. Luckily, no working nights for me, thanks to my role of central coordination, but on Saturday morning I’ll have to wake up early in order to be up and running at 6.00.
In the meantime I got a good raise (+11%), which is always good.
During these weekends I just relaxed all the way, and I also managed to squeeze a Ligabue’s concert at Verona’s Arena, but I’ll talk about this later on…


Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - 10:21 PM by: Deve Category: Generic ravings

Enjoy the Silence“Silence implies the relative or absolute lack of sound or noise; an environment producing less than 20 decibel of sound is usually considered silent.

Figuratively, it can indicate abstension from speech or dialogue.”

Thus spoke Wikipedia about silence (that’s actually a translation from the Italian version of the page). By extension, it also becoms “abstension from posting on one’s blog”, and my blog certainly produced very few decibels, considering the two and a half months without posts. And in contrast with the image, there was very little to enjoy: it’s been two heated months, with an exaggerated amount of work, and the upcoming Christmas break didn’t slow down the rythms at all. And what bothers me the most is the mental tiredness, because of which during week-ends or on those rare evenings when we leave the office at a decent time I don’t have the strength to do anything but watch some movies, get some old news on the internet, play some videogames and sleep…

Anyway, with Christmas close by, I decided to make an effort and remove the dust from the blog, as in any case I don’t intend to let the blog die, even if no one reads it. So I thought: should I go for the monolithic post, writing about anything that come sto my mind, or shall I go with several distinct posts? I chose the latter, so I’ll shoot a few short posts (I hope I won’t use the “more” on any of them, if you get the idea), to give some flashes about what happened or what will happen…

And now that I’ve finished writing everything, and I’m getting ready to click on “post” in a quick sequence, I realize it’s 1 am, and that I’ve been writing for three hours, and that I liked it. How comes, in almost three months, I couldn’t find three hours where my mind was fresh enough to do this?
Well, I hope those who will decide to dedicate a few minutes of their time to me will enjoy reading…

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